Dr. Leo D. Edwards

Lead Consultant
Meet Dr. Leo D Edwards H.BSW, MSW, PhD, RSW (Pronouns, He/Him)

Leo D Edwards – a transplanted Grenadian, who now calls Canada home, is a clinical therapist, lecturer and course developer. Leo has more than ten years’ experience in the social service field.


An impressive academic career, having received his Community Work Diploma from George Brown College, bachelor’s in social work (BSW), and professional certification in Anti-Racist Research and Practice (CARRP) from York University, and Master’s in social work (MSW) from the University of Toronto. Leo completed his Ph.D. in Social Justice and Education from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. 


Leo is a clinical therapist in private practice providing psychotherapy and counselling (strong emphasis on decolonizing therapy) with adults living with mental health and other life challenges. He is also a clinical social worker at one of Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospitals and one of the world’s leading research centers. When Leo is not doing his clinical work, he can be found lecturing at a community college in Toronto.


Leo is actively involved in community organizing and voluntarism around mental health, homelessness and work with the LGBT+ community – examining areas of intersectionality and the notion of multiple belongings and the lived realities of racialized “queer” constituents.